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  September 2018  
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Another Church?

   We at Cornerstone Bible Church are a Southern Baptist church plant.  We currently meet in a house located on 324 W. Wall St. We are a church who desires to reach the lost people in Fort Scott. Upfront we can tell you that we do not believe in competing for other members.  While Christians are free to choose where they want to worship, as long as they are in good standing, our vision is to reach those who are not going anywhere. Their soul is at stake and we want every believer, who is called by our Lord, to reach out to them.

The question that is constantly being asked is "Why another church?"  I will let Craig Ott and Gene Wilson answer that question:

Acts: New Churches Are the Normal and Necessary Result of Biblical Mission

   "Everywhere in the book of Acts, where evangelism occurs, churches are created.  Believers are found meeting together in homes or in public places for prayer, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the apostle's teaching." (24)  Our goal at Cornerstone is to reach the unchurched in Fort Scott.  We believe that a church plant with a mission minded focus is able to be efficient at obeying the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

All Churches Eventually Plateau in Growth

   "Though many churches experience consistent growth over many years, eventually every church plateaus.  No church can continue grow indefinitely.  Churches that experience uninterrupted growth are rare exceptions. More often it is because the energy of the church is diverted from evangelism to the needs of members.  Also the church structure, the gifts of the leaders, expectations of members, location, and other limitations do not allow for consistent growth beyond a large family-sized church." (30)

   "This reality is not necessarily to be bemoaned.  It does, however, accentuate the need for continually planting new churches as a way to reach new people. A church with one hundred people members can give twenty members to form a daughter church; a church with five hundred can give many more. Experience demonstrates time and again that after giving members to start a daughter church, the mother church will begin to grow again and will regain or even surpass its plateau size, while the daughter church will also grow. On the whole more people are reached." (31)

Here are the other sub-titles given by the authors but not explained on this website:

New Churches Can Reach People Groups Not Reached by Existing Churches

New Churches Stimulate Established Churches to Greater Evangelistic Activity

An Integration Point for Ecclesiology and Missiology

Ott, Craig, and Gene Wilson. Global Church Planting: Biblical Principles and Best Practices for Multiplication. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2011.